KS, LLC & Dr. Kat .

How did you come up with the name “Kaleidoscope Sharing?” 

Letting my creative juices flow several options appeared. Regressing to childhood I recall the fascination of kaleidoscope images changing with the slightest movement. The concept also reflects my interest in humbly sharing multiple talents. Sharing, or learning with and from others, fills me with great joy, especially when they excel!

And “Helping You Find & Polish Your Authentic Voice?”

My original slogan went by the wayside courtesy of a new mentor, Frank Felker! A mutual friend conveyed I should meet him based on his amazing personality and extensive experience of helping small business owners and others thrive! Speaking briefly with Frank prior to the 11 April 2016 BNI International “Positive Power” meeting the idea popped into my head. Like Goldilocks it was “just right!”

Helping You. As a child of faith I’m continually blessed by a preponderance of messengers. For those who help elevate my soul my mission is to share their wisdom with others and perpetuate a + E=MC2 (i.e., positive energy) tidal wave. For those who endeavor to do the opposite I will continue to pray for and support them with the same passion. For more regarding the latter messenger group, please see the “double whammy” below.

Find. I enjoy the scene in the movie “Sister Act” when Whoopi Goldberg’s character helps a young nun evolve from singing very softly to the volume of a lovely fog horn. Continuing my journey of discovery, I hope to help others discover their hidden or dormant talents.

And. Thanking Shania Twain for her boldness to bare her soul in “Why Not?” a series on the Oprah Winfrey Network. She conveys, “Life’s two most important questions are: Why and Why not. The trick is knowing which one to ask.” Expanding her vision, I hope to encourage others to think critically and passionately when asking both questions as well as, “And?”

Polish. A cheerleader through college and playing the oboe in grade school helped strengthen my lungs, tone, pitch, etc. However, an opportunity missed was choir. Still uncertain why but I started singing US National Anthems after entering active duty in 1992. In 2008 I contacted Marje Palmieri and asked if she would help me polish my voice. Training with her for about a year I still ponder, “Wow! Is that really me?” when listening to my lesson CDs.  What a joy to help others experience that feeling…often!

Your. How much more fulfilling life is when sharing joy while serve others. Teaching cheerleading and seeing a child perform a jump or cheer to perfection…priceless. Learning from/with military and civilian personnel and years later congratulating them for promotion to 4-star general, Chief Master Sergeant, or Senior Executive Service…priceless. Smiling at a baby who’s crying and they start giggling and smiling (as does their care giver)…priceless.

Authentic. What do you believe? Is it worth the risk to unleash your authentic self? Some opportunities are exhilarating while others can lead to negative reactions. The overwhelming benefits include reaching goals, character building, strengthening integrity, and as Barry Manilow sings, “I found myself respected by the others who got rained on too and made it through.” Realizing you’re not alone in discovering who you are or who your destined to be is comforting and invigorating!

Voice: Singing is my wellspring and an extension of my faith. I smile when friends I have not corresponded with or seen in a while ask, “Are you still singing?” Although continuously blessed with humbling opportunities (please see “Voice Talent”) like Ariel sang in The Little Mermaid, “I want more!” Instead of creating a small business solely as a vocalist I elected to expand my vision to include helping others develop their written and spoken voice talents.

Why did you create a small business instead of working for the Department of Defense as a civilian or pursue some other lucrative office job?

I so enjoyed serving in the USAF I applied for several Department of Defense civilian positions. But like Kelly Clarkson, “I gotta take a risk, take a chance, make a change and breakaway.” A bit of Divine Intervention also helped with my decision.

23 December 2015. I accepted a Christmas Eve interview invitation for a Pentagon GS-15 (Colonel-equivalent) position. If hired it would have been the ideal full-circle job!

25 December 2015: I enjoyed working in the Pentagon several years earlier; however, Christmas morning I woke to chills, agitation, and tears because the enclosed, window-less work-space made me feel claustrophobic. “Giving it to God” the dormant idea of creating a small business started percolating. On January 12th the idea erupted like Mount Vesuvius and seven days later I submitted my small business formation paperwork! The freedom to serve others and fulfill my destiny virtually or fly around the globe is the perfect work environment!

Why did you mention the two specific dates on the “Welcome” page?

19 January 2016. Another significant milestone, or butterfly chrysalis burst, in my life. This is the date my small business was certified by the Texas Secretary of State. The euphoria was overwhelming especially when considering the second date.

14 July 2016 is the second anniversary of my PTSD diagnosis. Waiting 20+ years to ask the question, learning my diagnosis resulted in the cathartic opening of a planetary-size Pandora’s Box from which repressed daemons still escape. Happily, as healing continues so does my positive perspective to inspire others, especially those who believe hope has vanished or dreams are fading phantoms.

PTSD? You? But you sing in multiple languages all over the world and in front of thousands, retired as a successful Lt Colonel, and earned a doctorate? How?

Although I enjoy learning about and appreciating others’ beliefs, faiths, and perspectives I am a child of faith and seek out multiple “spiritual fixes.” My faith, family, and thankfully expanding network of friends and mentors elevate me. Considering this faith-family-friends trilogy wished to paraphrase Leonardo DiCaprio’s character comment in The Man in the Iron Mask when the 3 Musketeers rescue him, “I wear the [PTSD] mask. It doesn’t wear me.” More to follow…

A possible double whammy mentioning PTSD and faith. Don’t you think that may encourage trolls, scam artists, or bullies to pounce? Perhaps some may avoid your web site and services?

Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven (John 5:10)

Absolutely, yes! For those who take those paths I thank them for seasoning my life and exercising their First Amendment rights I spent 24+ years defending. Since at least elementary school I’ve felt the weight of wearing a Texas-sized target(s) or what others, and I now, call “Spiritual Kevlar.” Resilience, character, and integrity grow over time as does wishing people well regardless how they treat me before our paths diverge. A Robert Frost fan I often “[take] the [road] less traveled by, and that [makes] all the difference.” Joy is a choice I prefer to make even when the situation is sometimes excruciatingly difficult.

You’ve mentioned a few influencers, lyrics, and quotes? What quotes define you?

Several are on-tap for my blog streams, but a few I enjoy or use most frequently include

“Insatiable Optimist”

“My worst meltdowns are the equivalent of simultaneously existing on the levels of Dante’s INFERNO.”

“Joy is a choice”

“I’m the caged Kat who obliterates the cage by singing.” Thank you Maya Angelou!


“Chrysalis Burst” or breaking out of a shell like a butterfly yearning to explore the world

“I’ll only be satisfied with nothing less than more.”

Is there one word that describes you?


Isn’t that another possible whammy for potential clients who may not take you seriously because of your childlike nature?

Absolutely, yes! The regression-technique coping skill is a favorite that reminds of the days when all dreams could become reality. I believe they still can! Shifting the kaleidoscope when sharing thoughts as Leann Rimes sings, “We can do the impossible…we won’t stop ‘cause we’ve got to make a difference in this life with one voice, one heart, two hands, we can.”

“And…” I hope at least one person is curious enough to explore past their perspectives and delve into my multifaceted capabilities available to help them excel.