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“+ E=MC2,” or positive energy, is a blog stream highlighting the amazing accomplishments of others!

Sending a Texas-sized special shout out to my Rio-bound “family:”  Pentathletes from Team USA–Margaux, Isabella, Nathan {HOOAH!}, Team Egypt–Amro and Omar who also train at the Colorado Springs US Olympic Training Center (USOTC), and other Teams I had the honor of supporting at the USOTC!  May your spirit of gold shine brightly as you compete in Rio and beyond!



Colorado Springs is home to the Rockies (yes, sometimes they really do look purple!), majestic skies, and exhilarating opportunities.  A few weeks ago my heart raced with excitement seeing Pikes Peak from the plane window.  What a thrill to share time again with my Pentathlon family! Providing cheerleader and Global National Anthem support since 2013 remains a highlight in my life, but

What touches my heart the most: The exceptionally talented athletes, coaches, staff, and families who inspire me!  The…

~ Athlete families are so much fun to hang out with!  Nurturing their and others’ children, building friendships, and providing a support system for the athletes, especially those whose families or friends who are unable to attend the event (e.g., visiting from out of town, state, country) is heartwarming.

~ Support staff earn “gold” with every event.  If/when “Murphy’s Law” applies the staff works their magic to ensure the event is ready for the athletes to give it their all.  Their efforts are also impressive when issues arise during competition.

~ Coaches deftly devote time to their craft to ensure athletes receive stellar training. Observing them during competitions is like watching poetry in motion.  Ensuring each athlete receives nurturing isn’t an easy task but they accomplish the feat every day!

~ Novices of varying ages embody, “I can do, no wait I am doing this!”  Sometimes their behaviors convey a strong desire to give up.  How exhilarating to watch them muster the courage to take one more step, stroke, shot, or get back in the saddle.

~ More-seasoned athletes honing skills to stand on the podium at day’s-end.  Struggles arise but they keep moving forward.  Perhaps they gain some strength from recalling how far they’ve come since novice days and wanting more.

~ Elite are breathtaking to watch!  Sometimes their skills falter a bit during one of the elements, but delving into their Olympic-flame-burning-within they prevail.

What impresses me most about the athletes, especially the elite:  Their humility, sportsmanship, and nurturing other athletes!

Meeting Olympic and World Champions & Medalists, National Champions, Olympians, and World Class Athletes is sometimes a mystery.  I recall meeting David Svoboda a couple years ago.  Very kind, down-to-earth gentleman who was helping train athletes at one of the Olympic development camps and conversed freely with competition observers.  Hadn’t a clue who he was until someone conveyed, “He’s the reigning Pentathlon Olympic Gold Medalist!”  We spoke for a few moments about his family and Olympic experience.  About the latter he smiled and shared how one day you can be on top of the world and the next be at the bottom,

The key is to never give up, continue working hard to sharpen your skills, and be ready to give your all when the moment arrives (paraphrase).

I hope you take a few moments to watch Team USA and other amazing athletes competing in the Olympics and Paralympics.  I hope by watching these phenomenal individuals and teams you’re also inspired to follow in their path by taking one more step toward your Gold!

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As Creator, Kaleidoscope Sharing LLC, Dr. Kat Strus (Lt Col, USAF, Retired) endeavors to “Help You Find & Polish Your Authentic Voice!” as a Human Capital Consultant, Voice Talent, and Writer.  She has more than 24 years of human resources experience to include influencing Department of Defense (DoD)- and USAF-wide policy changes.  Caring for people and recommending solutions were motivating factors to conduct extensive qualitative research exploring USAF leadership development, organizational culture, and generation theories (e.g., Millennials and GenX).  Results could assist military and non-military-affiliated leaders when considering options to increase recruiting and retention as well as improving interpersonal relationships.  Passionate about honoring others, and only fluent in English, she taught herself 43 of the 44 nations’ anthems she is able to sing in 29 languages…so far.  She has performed 650+ US and 78 non-US National Anthems at various events to include International and National Championships, Major League Baseball, ML Lacrosse, ML Soccer, NASCAR, NBA, NFL, NHL, and WNBA.  Her writing accomplishments include drafting, modifying, or contributing to DoD and AF documents; obtaining respective DoD and AF Public Affairs Office approval to publish her doctoral dissertation; published book reviews; and on 14 July 2016 entered the realm of blogging.  For additional insight please visit http://www.KaleidoscopeSharing.com


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Welcome to Kaleidoscope Sharing

Originally posted 14 July 2016 on https://kaleidoscopesharing.com/welcome-blog/  Change:  New to the blogging realm realized it’s more fun freely posting (i.e., removed the projected post dates for the three blog streams) 😀

Greetings and thank you for reading my first blog!

Recalling the exhilaration casting off from a pier to explore the ocean, or away from anything negative, and breathing in positive energy I created KaSTon (i.e., Kaleidoscope Sharing Thoughts on) to cast attention on events that fuel my soul.

My initial focus was creating a blog. However, continuously filling my cornucopia with thoughts and ideas decided to create three blog streams to help minimize stimulus overload for anyone willing to share a journey.

The first blog stream, “Reflections On…,” contains thoughts regarding professional and personal experiences, philosophical and academic interests, and those ignited by auditory, visual, and other stimuli. Reflecting on various events uncovers memories and emotions as well as finding solutions and peace. Keeping the positive reflections and casting off past experiences holding you back is uplifting.

+ E=MC2,” or positive energy, is a stream filled with oodles of shout-outs, story sharing, and supercalifragilisticexpealidoscious moments. Some examples include sharing personal experiences and need-to-share stories or posts read or heard elsewhere. I’m thrilled to highlight the amazing successes of others, especially those who continue to positively influence my choices and journey.

My third stream, “Insatiable Optimism from a PTSD Prima Donna” will be filled with a myriad of entries regarding my 2014 diagnosis and continuing adventures. A trusted friend conveyed, “Prima Donna is negative.” The original definition and later negative connotation make this, especially with how some react to hearing “PTSD,” an apropos appellation. Please join me in turning the tide to fuel positive change.

I introduce my blog streams in this order because they are intricately intertwined by the theme of proactive positivity. My hope is that by exploring the other two streams you may learn more about my perspective and how, like others, my PTSD provides an edge to leverage especially when helping others shine more brightly.

Thank you, again, for reading my first blog. Best wishes for a joy-filled, prosperous journey & hope you’ll join mine!

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As Creator, Kaleidoscope Sharing LLC, Dr. Kat Strus (Lt Col, USAF, Retired) endeavors to “Help You Find & Polish Your Authentic Voice!” as a Human Capital Consultant, Voice Talent, and Writer.  For additional insight or to request a free consultation please visit http://www.KaleidoscopeSharing.com