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Welcome to Kaleidoscope Sharing

Originally posted 14 July 2016 on https://kaleidoscopesharing.com/welcome-blog/  Change:  New to the blogging realm realized it’s more fun freely posting (i.e., removed the projected post dates for the three blog streams) 😀

Greetings and thank you for reading my first blog!

Recalling the exhilaration casting off from a pier to explore the ocean, or away from anything negative, and breathing in positive energy I created KaSTon (i.e., Kaleidoscope Sharing Thoughts on) to cast attention on events that fuel my soul.

My initial focus was creating a blog. However, continuously filling my cornucopia with thoughts and ideas decided to create three blog streams to help minimize stimulus overload for anyone willing to share a journey.

The first blog stream, “Reflections On…,” contains thoughts regarding professional and personal experiences, philosophical and academic interests, and those ignited by auditory, visual, and other stimuli. Reflecting on various events uncovers memories and emotions as well as finding solutions and peace. Keeping the positive reflections and casting off past experiences holding you back is uplifting.

+ E=MC2,” or positive energy, is a stream filled with oodles of shout-outs, story sharing, and supercalifragilisticexpealidoscious moments. Some examples include sharing personal experiences and need-to-share stories or posts read or heard elsewhere. I’m thrilled to highlight the amazing successes of others, especially those who continue to positively influence my choices and journey.

My third stream, “Insatiable Optimism from a PTSD Prima Donna” will be filled with a myriad of entries regarding my 2014 diagnosis and continuing adventures. A trusted friend conveyed, “Prima Donna is negative.” The original definition and later negative connotation make this, especially with how some react to hearing “PTSD,” an apropos appellation. Please join me in turning the tide to fuel positive change.

I introduce my blog streams in this order because they are intricately intertwined by the theme of proactive positivity. My hope is that by exploring the other two streams you may learn more about my perspective and how, like others, my PTSD provides an edge to leverage especially when helping others shine more brightly.

Thank you, again, for reading my first blog. Best wishes for a joy-filled, prosperous journey & hope you’ll join mine!

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As Creator, Kaleidoscope Sharing LLC, Dr. Kat Strus (Lt Col, USAF, Retired) endeavors to “Help You Find & Polish Your Authentic Voice!” as a Human Capital Consultant, Voice Talent, and Writer.  For additional insight or to request a free consultation please visit http://www.KaleidoscopeSharing.com